When you step on board “elise”, your safety is in our hands and Wayne always has your comfort, safety and enjoyment as his first priority. 


Do we have to bring our own life jackets?

Everyone will be provided with a life jacket and given a safety briefing before you hop on board.Elise is fully surveyed and Wayne holds a full commercial ticket for your peace of mind.


Can we bring our own food and drink?

Yes we encourage you to bring food and drink and have a fridge and galley for your use on board. We can also prepare food and drink for you as part of a package price, please enquiry here
if excess alcohol is consumed and the safety of people on board is compromised the skipper will abort the trip and return to the wharf straight away. 


What does Wayne and ‘Elise’ do to protect the sustainability of fishing in New Zealand?

Elise is a Pest free operator…
Wayne encourages…catch and release on trophy fish and respect of the ocean.
We respect the ocean and its contents and require all rubbish to be disposed of correctly on shore. 


Can we bring animals on board?

Sure on a case by case basis. 


What is the luggage limit on board the boat?

The luggage limit will depend on the type of trip and amount of people on board, please enquire here


If you still have a question about your trip, Wayne will be happy to help.

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